Business Management

We have worked with farms from 40 ha to 100,000 ha delivering sustainable solutions to enable the owners to achieve their goals.

Specific services include:

  • Business planning 
  • Cash flow planning and management
  • Investment appraisal
  • Diversification
  • Crisis management and turnaround

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Government Schemes

Since leaving the EU, the UK now has its own agricultural policy. The Basic Payment Scheme will be removed progressively by 2027. Environmental Land Management Scheme will replace this, paying farmers for public goods such as water quality, air quality and environmental improvements.

In 2020 DEFRA said that total funding for UK agriculture would be maintained at the same level until the end of this Parliament, it could not guarantee this after that. The money taken from the BPS would be moved to other schemes. Current schemes are set out below:

Basic Payment Scheme

  • Will be phased out by 2027
  • 2024 will be 50% of 2019
  • No replacement planned

Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS)

Three components:

  1. The Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI), which will support approaches to farm husbandry that deliver for the environment, such as actions to improve soil health, hedgerows and integrated pest management.
  2. Local Nature Recovery, which will pay for actions such as creating, managing or restoring habitats, natural flood management and species management.
  3. Landscape Recovery, which will focus on landscape and ecosystem recovery through projects looking to achieve large-scale forest and woodland creation, peatland restoration, or the creation and restoration of coastal habitats, such as wetlands and salt marsh.

At present ELMS is being piloted. The SFI is being piloted this year, but uptake was less than DEFRA hoped. In ESUS Agri experience the offering was not very attractive, we are told that the offering will be better in 2021. Click on the button for more details

Countryside Stewardship

This well established scheme is not a popular as expected. However, in the right circumstances it works well. There are four elements:

  1. Higher Tier - generally you have to be invited to submit
  2. Mid Tier - A range of over 200 options for including up to £ 120,000 capital grants 
  3. Wildlife Offer - A simplified Mid Tier with fewer options and no capital
  4. Mid Tier Capital - Can be standalone used alongside Wildlife Offer up to £ 60,000

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Farming Investment Fund

The Farming Investment Fund (FIF) provides grants to improve productivity and bring environmental benefits. FIF is made up of 2 separate funds:

  1. Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (for grants between £2,000 and £25,000) Currently open closes on January 7, 2021         
  2. Farming Transformation Fund (for grants between £35,000 and £500,000)

Slurry Investment Scheme

To be introduced in Autumn 2022. Details are not yet available.

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Technical Services

With fertiliser prices at all time highs and the Environment Agency starting to enforce the Farming Rules for Water (2018), applications of fertiliser and organic manures that are not properly planned are wasteful and carry the risk of prosecution.

We offer a full BASIS/FACTS fertiliser and manure management planning service.

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